Human right protection

(An Initiative of CSIC Crime Surveillance And Intelligence Council)

To follow, adopt & promote Universal Declaration of Human Rights of United Nations and Indian Constitution & National-International Law. To promote art & culture, maintain, encourage, assist help centers for promotion of Human Rights.

To promote social progress and better standards of life and activity in cooperation with the Government of India and other countries to promote human rights education. To establish and conduct centers  of treatment and rehabilitation for the victims of violators of Human Rights. To work for ensuring that basic Human Rights are respected everywhere and to keep the interest of disempowered communities foremost in all dealings with countries in which Human Rights violations occur.

To support through the UN framework, democratic and economic reforms in countries coming out to totalitarian control and to restrict cooperation with governing regimes that violate Human Rights. To support and implement any other issues other than what has been mentioned above with respect to Human Rights.

The Part of Human Rights

 Human Rights

 Citizen Rights

 Civil Rights

 Women Rights

 Rights to Freedom

 Rights to Education

 Rights to Voice

 Rights to Legal

 Rights to Food

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